Hiroshi Tsugawa

Metabolite Identification, Libraries & Cheminformatics

Abstract Title: Identifying epimetabolites by mass spectrometry-based cheminformatics

Wednesday 15:30 - 16:00

Hiroshi Tsugawa is a researcher at RIKEN, Japan. The main project is to develop software tools for untargeted- and targeted metabolomics/lipidomics: Hiroshi is now managing MS-DIAL, MS-FINDER, MRMPROBS, Statistics tools as Excel Macro, and so on at computational MS-based metabolomics section of RIKEN Prime Web site (http://prime.psc.riken.jp/). Hiroshi is a basketball player from junior high school until the end of his college age, and he got his PhD at Osaka University (in Prof. Eiichiro Fukusaki lab, 2012). Since he started his research at RIKEN Masanori Arita team, he also learned a lot of things at UC Davis Oliver Fiehn laboratory in a collaboration work.