Johan Trygg

Johan Trygg is a full Professor in Chemometrics at Umea University, Sweden.

Johan pioneered the development of Chemometrics on improving model interpretation, data integration and visualization of large complex multivariate data. This includes the OPLS solutions and its extensions, OPLS-DA, O2PLS and OnPLS, already in use by more than 150 companies, 50 international institutions and the top 20 pharma and biopharma companies. Johan has over the last 20 years worked with research and development of MVA and DOE technologies in a number of different areas including pulp & paper, forest and biotechnology, medical imaging, pharmaceutical manufacturing and in particular over the last 10 years on ‘omics technologies, particularly metabolomics with Swedish Metabolomics Centre ( and AcureOmics AB. Since 2015, Johan is a visiting professor at Imperial College, London (J. Nicholson) and Senior Director of R&D at Umetrics (now part of Sartorius Stedim Biotech).

Johan’s scientific track record includes 145 publications, H-factor (40), six granted patents and several awards including Baltic award for innovation and entrepreneurship (2012), Herman Wold medal in pure gold (2009) and Elsevier Chemometrics award (2008). Johan was Associate Editor for Journal of Proteome Research during 2015-2016 and since 2009 has been chair of the Chemometrics chapter within the Swedish Chemical Society.