Jun Kikuchi

Jun Kikuchi is a Team Leader of Environmental Metabolic Analysis Research Team of RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science, as well as a Visiting Professor of Nagoya University and Yokohama City University. He obtained his Ph.D. from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and he also continued to pursue methodological advancement for NMR analysis from purified proteins to complex metabolite and macromolecular mixture samples.

Recently, his research fields have been explored further in complex systems, such as metabolic interaction between symbiotic microbe and host, naturally collected algae and fish biodiversity, environmental soils, sediments and water systems, as well as industrial metabolic reactions such as food fermentation and biomass degradation process. Because of these complex systems, many considerable factors and variables can be computed by a variety of data science approaches. Since 2017, he is an Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology field.