Xijun Wang

Xijun Wang, PhD in the field of pharmaceutical science in Hokkaido College of Pharmacy, Japan at 1998, is a professor of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), vice president of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, China; Chairman of Specialty Committee of TCM pharmacogonosy of WFCMS.

At the beginning of 1990s, he established the theory and method of Serum pharmacochemistry of TCM (SP-TCM) for finding the effective constituents of TCMs. Entering the 21st century, he innovated the theory and method of Chinmedomics by integrating the metabolomics with SP-TCM to elucidate the scientific value of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specially to find the biomarkers of TCM syndrome and evaluate the holistic efficacy of TCM formula, to discover the effective constituents by identifying the constituents of TCMs in vivo which highly related with the biomarker trejectory while the TCM formula showing clinical efficacy. He published 170 papers on peers-review journals, and published monographs such as Chinmedomics(Elsevier,2015)and Serum Pharmacochemistry of Traditional Chinese Medicine(Elsevier, 2017).