Lloyd Sumner

New Tools in Natural Product Annotation

Abstract Title: Novel UHPLC-MS-SPE-NMR and UHPLC-timsTofMS/MS Tools for Higher-throughput, Confident Metabolite Identifications and to Address the Number One Grand Challenge of Metabolomics (313)

Wednesday 13:30 - 14:00

Professor Lloyd W. Sumner acquired his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Oklahoma State University in 1993. He joined the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in 1999 and rose to the rank of Professor within the Plant Biology Division. He recently moved to the University of Missouri, Columbia in January 2016 as a Professor in the Biochemistry Department and Director of the MU Metabolomics Center. Dr. Sumner’s research program focuses upon the development, integration, and application of large-scale biochemical profiling technologies to better understand plant specialized metabolism. Dr. Sumner’s research is or has been graciously supported by the University of Missouri, Noble Foundation, NSF 2010, NSF MCB, NSF MRI, NSF-JST, NSF-IOS, NSF-PGRP and The Oklahoma Commission for the Advancement of Science and Technology. Dr. Sumner is currently an AAAS Fellow; Former Treasurer and President of the Metabolomics Society, Lifetime Honorary Member of the Metabolomics Society, Distinguished Alumni of Cameron University, and President Emeritus of the Phytochemical Society of North America.