Abstract Submission will open in February. Scientists in academia, government, industry and others working in the field of Metabolomics are invited to submit abstracts in the following scientific themes:

  • Building Bridges – Metabolic Modelling
    • Systems Biology
    • Genome-scale Modelling
    • Microbiomics
    • Human Phenomics
    • Multi-omics
    • Model organisms
    • Modelling interactions of gut microbiota & the host
  • Building Bridges – Natural Products/Metabolite Identification
    • Nature’s Apothecary
    • Traditional Medicine
    • Metabolite identification/ Metabolic dark matter
    • New Approaches for Identification of Metabolites Applying MS and NMR
    • Plants
  • Metabolomics in Food Research – Edibilomics
    • Metabolomics in Nutrition
    • Foodomics and Food Quality
    • Crop Quality Improvement
    • Food Sustainability
    • Traditional foods
    • Food safety
    • Contaminant metabolomics
  • Metabolomics in Health and Medicine
    • Chronic disease
    • Infectious disease
    • Nutritional disease
    • Metabolite-Gene Axis
    • Gut microbiota & disease
    • Metabolomics Profiling in Cancer
    • Translating Metabolomics Discoveries in Clinical Practice
    • Exposome
  • Advancing the Field
    • Network and Pathway Analysis for Metabolomics
    • New Matrices for Metabolomics
    • Advances in Statistical Tools
    • Data Analysis
    • New Development in Instruments and Techniques
    • Computational MS
    • Spatial Imaging
  • Environmental, Plant and Model Organisms
    • Environmental Metabolomics
    • Model Organisms
    • Green Systems Biology - From Single Genomes, Proteomes and Metabolomes to Ecosystems Research and Biotechnology
    • Abiotic and Biotic Stresses in Plants
    • Plant Databases


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Conference Abstracts

New to Metabolomics 2017, two days of Pre-Conference Workshops are available on Sunday, June 25 and Monday, June 26. Note: Sunday Workshops will take place at the University of Queensland St. Lucia and the Monday Workshops will be at the Brisbane Convention & Exposition Centre (BCEC).


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